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At our heart we do three things. Design experiences, train teams to design experiences and innovate experiences and the products that deliver them. Above all we like turning talk into action and testing ideas live with customers.

We have run speed dating sessions with 200 customers in an afternoon. Run a 3 day Hackathon in the MIT Media Lab. Even tested 10 iterations of a famous brand’s flagship store, in one week, whilst it was still trading. Our experience gives us the ability to turn theory into ideas and then test them. We don’t just do talk.

In a bit more detail:

1: CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DESIGNDon’t perfect your experiences – it’s such a waste. See 1st hand what really matters and only address this, with simplicity, elegance and speed.

2: CX TEAM DEVELOPMENT. We share our insights tools and experience and working on live issues skill up teams. Either as a one off or as a long term team development program

3: RAPID INNOVATION: We help you find or generate simpler solutions to old challenges. Or using our expertise around behaviour, develop new products and services that are rigged for success. Either because they are more buy-able for shoppers, or  more rewarding for consumers.

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