This is an experience design master class that’s like a game show.

Where you’re never more than 2min away from a game


Co created and tested with the worlds best toy company and a range of learning experts

A box with everything in it that only needs a host to run it

Anyone who has played the game can host it for others

So no trainer, no facilitator and no PowerPoint

Totally modular and flexible: Run 1 module a week or 3 in a day or try our conference version for up to 300 players


Do you recognise these issues?

Experiences are the new battle ground for all businesses, but skills & tools tend to be 10 years behind other areas

Existing training is all theory and no impact. The tools if any, tend to be bogus or just too complex to get traction

Experience design is a high value new life skill that everyone can learn within days unlike most disciplines that take years

The best learning happens through self and team discovery and play. Not presentations and manuals, yet play is normally limited to ice breakers and down time.

Traditional training is also too slow, not scalable and not affordable for those who actually need it – entire teams